How To Purchase

Step 1

Browse the site by going into the specific categories and browsing through the products.

Step 2

2.1 Once you are in your specified categegory of interest you you will be able to click on the products you are interested in and then add them to your shopping cart.

2.2 Once a product has been added to your shopping cart it will appear in the top right hand side of your screen under your shopping card

2.3 When you have finished browsing the site and have all your desired items in your shopping cart you are now ready to check out, you can do this by selecting your shopping cart and then selecting checkout.


Step 3

3.1 When you go to the checkout you need to login if you are a returning user or create a new account if you are new user.  You will then be prompted to enter you shipping and billing details.

3.2 When you are done you press continue, you will then be taken through to the ship and pay section, here you can choose your different options of delivery, please select your desired method of delivery. You will then need to choose whether you will be paying via EFT or credit card, once those details are in you can click continue.

3.3 Once you have made all your selections you will be taken to a Review page, please review your order to ensure all your details are correct before submitting your order.

Once your order has been received and processed you will be notified when the order is ready to collect or has been shipped