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Gordon Smith, the internationally renowned psychic medium, and Dronma, a Tibetan Buddhist of the Kagyu School, bring you this extraordinary deck of oracle cards. Also included is a mandala cloth for laying out spreads and protecting your cards.
    Words---words of new perspectives, words of an enlightening perspective, words that were once known but somehow forgotten---that's what these Well-being cards are about. Words don't teach; life experience teaches.
      Every night when you're asleep, your angels, your unconscious mind and the universe are giving you guidance, answers to your questions, and cautionary signs.
        Rich with symbolism and imagery-including angels, archangels, unicorns, fairies, and mermaids-the Angel Tarot Cards will provide you with inspiring guidance on your life journey.
          Whether you’re seeking a healing for yourself, for someone else, or want to awaken your own natural healing abilities, Archangel Raphael brings you miracles and trustworthy guidance . . . and all you need to do is ask!
            Caroline Myss has created a unique set of 72 Archetype Cards, each individually designed to provide the basic Light and Shadow Attributes of a different Archetype.
              These beautiful cards capture the essence of the life-changing, best-selling book Ask and It Is Given. You will experience an enhancing of your personal power, which may, at first, seem illogical or even magical.
                Ask Your Guides is a 52-card psychic-intuitive oracle card deck (with an accompanying guidebook) based on the traditional minor arcana of the Tarot.
                  Fabulously Foolproof On-the-road Activities for Fidgety Kids! Each card contains two games you can play in the car with your kids.
                    Detoxing is a sure-fire way to overhaul your body, mind, and emotions. But where do you begin? But relax: This all-inclusive kit gives you clear, effective detoxing without the hype-but with all the results!
                      Your dreams can really come true . . . By using these uplifting cards on a regular basis, you can improve your relationships, boost your health, and reignite your self-esteem-all while you sleep.
                        In this deck of 48 oracle cards created by Steven D. Farmer, you’ll find descriptions and images of several of these Earth elements along with clear and concise messages from the spirits of each.
                          Expanding on the themes that connect us all, talk-show host and author Tavis Smiley pours his passion and commitment for promoting positive change into these 70 personalized empowerment cards.
                            Based on the New York Times best-selling book The Fifth Agreement, the 48 cards in this deck offer a fresh perspective on the Four Agreements, and a powerful new agreement for transforming our lives into our personal heaven.
                              The Fool's Wisdom Oracle Cards are designed to accelerate personal empowerment and spiritual growth. The 'Fool' is the universal archetype of our witness self, the eternally objective Divine voice who resides within all of us.
                                The Universe is always whispering to you, and the Gateway Oracle Cards assist you in understanding these secret messages from the realm of Spirit. An enchanted voyage awaits you. The keys through the gateway are in your hands!
                                  These 50 cards provide golfers with insight and tips on how to sharpen the mental and strategic parts of their game.
                                    Grace Cards are a practical way of working with this Divine Energy. Close your eyes, ask a question, then choose a card. Follow the message and watch what happens.
                                      This 50-card deck and accompanying booklet will help you create a daily practice that not only heals existing ailments, but also maintains spiritual balance in your life.